Man Searching Option for Woman

Are you man? No doubt in yours life, sure search for woman. This is true that man needs woman and vice versa. This is love world. How do man search for single women.

Two Option:

1. Search By Local Places

– Advantage: Directly See woman at specific place and talking with her.

– Disadvantage: More disadvantage as compare to online search. Namely need more time, lot of money spend, strong conversation skills, etc.

2. Search By Internet

Advantage: Any Time Access, 100% Success, No need to spend lots of money, Easy search option, Meet world wide friends, Access from any where etc.

Disadvantage: Aware from fake profile.

So in deep comparison, you can see that online search is nice platform, this is my opinion if you not like than go for local search.

One thought on “Man Searching Option for Woman

  1. Very true but you left out one thing,
    man ask friends for a hook up,
    Advantages: familiar settings, support of those around, friends make you look good until you meet face to face.
    Disadvantages: Friends may not have or know anyone your type, friends may try to hard to make you look good and you don’t compare in person, friend may be evil and set you up with a 3rd wheel that they know you wouldn’t get along with.

    that stuff happens all the time.


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